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IT School: Integrative technology development and management

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Delivered in 2023

Conveying holistic thinking, system knowledge and technological expertise

IT School “Integrative technology development and management” is a personalised educational programme for high school and first year university students looking to know how to launch their own technological projects, products, services and companies.

The course is aimed at those who want to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge in a short time to apply it in practice.

Magnetic Core developed a course idea, a detailed programme based on students backgrounds, a methodology and produced it by establishing and supporting technological cloud platforms, designing materials, hiring speakers and managing students. The course was provided to a private group of students which expressed particular interest in learning from the Magnetic Core team.


Building system knowledge around all aspects of launching a business and development for different level of students


Integrative technology development and management course

IT School integrates such disciplines as project and product management, design, software engineering, marketing and communications, business development, economics, business analytics, and sustainable development.

Course goals

Development of integrative hard and soft skills based on knowledge and practice

Get familiar with technology development and management

Develop system and holistic thinking

Learn key roles and responsibilities for team building and management

Estimate project difficulty, time, risks, resources and budget
Throughout the duration of the course, students were mentored by a distinguished panel of professional speakers, each possessing over 15 years of invaluable experience in their respective fields. As the course reached its end, the students skillfully presented their meticulously developed projects, reflecting the culmination of their transformative journey.



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