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Truvity Ledger White paper

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Managed access to and use of big data
Delivered in 2022
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Distributed ledger infrastructure for self-sovereign identity applications and networks

Combining the benefits of public blockchain with secure private chains and sidechains, Magnetic Core researched and formalised architecture of Truvity Ledger in White paper.


To design a solution that helps corporations reduce paperwork and make peer-to-peer interaction easier in case they find a common trust source, give people control over their data together with overall transparency, and eliminate a single point of failure.


Truvity Ledger architechure

Truvity Ledger is a public blockchain that makes securing private chains on the main blockchain possible as sidechains. The functioning of the platform is enabled by Truvity Ledger's own native token TACT.


Verifiable credentials (VC)

VCs is a set of easily manageable data schemes compliant with W3C standards. Standardized VC structures allow simple integrations, construction of Zero-Knowledge and non-Zero-Knowledge proofs on the data in a consistent way, and paves the road to simple future maintenance, extension, data transfer and migrations.

Public and private data storage

There are cases when some VC-related data must be publicly available, and there are cases when this is not the case.


All records on Truvity Ledger are timestamped. VCs, signatures, timestamps and The history of record changes are tamper-proof.

Zero-Knowledge proofs

Zero-Knowledge proofs are used for processing the sensitive data. That is, once the data enclosed in a VC is secret, the facts regarding the data can be proven by the VC owner without revealing the information. Zero-Knowledge protocols ensure that the only data revealed is the fact to be proven, but nothing else.

Selective information disclosure

Information can be selectively disclosed by the data owner. This means, that in order to disclose the value of a single field inside a VC, the VC owner does not need to disclose the contents of any other field.

The Truvity Ledger platform aims to provide a flexible, convenient, fast and secure decentralised medium for management of trust relations. Transparency, privacy and efficiency can be combined in a single solution, suitable both for state and enterprise usage. Digital transformation may lead humanity to a world of total control and surveillance. Truvity Ledger believes there is a chance to change this, and that the same technologies can promote freedom, social goods and respect. Truvity Ledger will do its best to bring these values closer to digital reality.

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