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Alecton. Digital money management vessel

Industrial Area
Venture Design
Solution, product
and service development
Global Challenges
Creation of transparent financial infrastructure
Delivered in 2023
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Charting a new course
at full sail

Distributed ledger technology is an open ocean that has yet be fully discovered. In 2022, to contribute to the development of a blockchain-powered financial system that will bring leverage back to the people and combat outdated centralised and bureaucratic ways of managing finance, Mark Abramov founded Alecton.

The Magnetic Core team provided a whole universe of services to Alecton. This included: Alecton naming and branding, visual style, creative copy, website, venture strategy, conducting discovery activities including user research, development of the technical MVP definition and UX, additional applied research for solutions under NDA, and providing additional strategic consulting until Alecton set sail on its software development and proceeded with its voyage.


How to foster the adoption of digital money and use a systematic approach to product development


Alecton – digital money management vessel

Range of fintech services which securely store and manage your digital money in one place with no private key vulnerability.

Calm seas

Store and manage your digital assets in one place

Alecton Wallet allows you to deposit and withdraw funds and manage assets

Multi-asset support

Exploring the top fish in the ocean and improving decision making with micro learning content

Safely manage your funds with no private key vulnerability

MPC-CMP cryptography from an industry-leading provider

For Alecton it’s important to approach existing problems differently. By doing this, the team contribute to solving global challenges related to creating a transparent financial infrastructure.
Mark Abramov, Founder and CEO

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