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Truvity. Setting a new
paradigm for self-sovereign digital identity management

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Delivered in 2022
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A next-generation digital trust management platform

Truvity is creating a more open world in which efficiency, control, and self-governance are the key to success. Their user-governed platform enables companies across the world to improve corporate governance, comply with regulations, and work with more clients. Putting privacy, autonomy and power back into the hands of the users.

The Magnetic Core team helped Truvity make strategic improvements,including a new venture design of their additional product, Truvity Ledger. The team created the value proposition, tone of voice, and developed a look and feel for the brand which include Visual Style guide and website UX.


How to eliminate untrustworthy relationships between identity data owners, issuers and verifiers


Truvity is a next-generation digital trust management platform that helps individuals and institutions establish trust

Truvity is more than a regulatory technology and onboarding tool – it is a range of solutions that helps companies improve self-governance, manage workflows, stay in full control of their digital profiles, and roll out their own distributed infrastructure for digital identity management.

over identity

Create, process and organise identity data in one place

Truvity allows for the formation of complete digital identities for individuals or complex corporate vehicles.

Speed up customer onboarding with custom workflows

Create dynamic workflows that include all the key data points needed from potential customers.

Develop digital Identities for transactional relationships

Companies that follow strict regulatory requirements on a per-transactional basis can create, visualise and co-manage digital identities for transactions.

Automate your KYC/AML compliance

Remove the risk of human error from compliance with a digital twin of your customer's physical wallet which lets you store, share and create tamper-proof credentials and documents.

To accelerate digital trust journey Magnetic Core team designed services which help Truvity establishing trust with their partners and clients, services include strategic consulting, partnership network and consortia creation, custom development and platform integration.
Truvity is the key to fulfilling existing business data needs and finding solutions for arising ones.
Konstantin Mashukov, Truvity Founder and CEO
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the future
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the future
of digital trust

Venture design for Truvity Ledger
DLT platform for identity management
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