case study

Proving the value of beverage provenance and traceability using blockchain

Industrial Area
Global Challenges
Managed access to and use of big data
Delivered in 2019

Quality and consumer safety improvements

To ensure quality, many beverage producers use the Lean concept to optimise workflows through strategic and operational procedures while minimising waste without sacrificing productivity. Blockchain technology contributes to this concept and has advantages that support Lean principles. Moreover, blockchain can support the sustainability agenda by becoming a powerful tool that ensures fairness and responsibility in production practices.

For an NDA client, Magnetic Core team researched benefits and developed a traceability prototype that ensures that the entire journey of the beverage — from the field to the shelf or online-store — can be tracked, providing additional safety and compliance assurances to customers.


Eliminate confusion over blockchain, empower companies to build a consortium or ecosystem, create solutions that streamline businesses


Feasibility study and development of the technological solution

Beverages carry a unique identity (digital passport) which can be followed via a scannable code, placed directly on the bottle, can or pack. Thus, consumers can instantly find out, using a smartphone or web application, whether a drink is organic, meets certain safety conditions, or was produced in a responsible way. All of this information will be based on a product’s record on the blockchain. Direct consumer feedback to a producer may be implemented as well.


Waste and inefficiency elimination

Optimised logistical planning
Digitised records and documents flow
Transactional and audit cost reduction
Data-sharing and information integrity through the entire supply chain

Consumer safety and brand protection

Real-time provenance and instant tracking of each bottle
Traceability of any damages and losses to the products and their unauthorised resale
Theft and fraud reduction
Customer value-add through transparent ingredients information

ESG standards support

Immutable, indisputable records in secure format ready for third party review
Recognition as an industry leader in sustainable production and distribution of beverages
Capturing market of sustainability-conscious consumers

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