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Reestablishing humanity’s connection with nature

WTWLI is a meditation application for individuals that uses wildlife art and biodiverse soundscapes. It offers self expeditions, healing trips and sleeping journeys via audio-visual relaxation experiences.

The company was founded by Elena Goldberg in 2021 to undertake a mission to reestablish humankind's connection with nature through better mental health using new technologies, neuroscience, wildlife and generative art.

The Magnetic Core team helped to transform the project into a real venture by conducting market research, formalising the strategy and business model, developing its visual style, founding the team, setting up development process and go-to market activities alongside Magnetic Core’s partners.


How to help people improve their well-being and protect biodiversity on Earth

The average decline in species’ populations is 68% over the past 50 years (WWF, Living Planet Report, 2020). At the same time, nature features significantly less in popular culture today than it did in the first half of the 20th century, with a steady decline beginning in the 1950s (University of California, 2017).


Where The Wild Love Is app

Aesthetic engagement can play a significant role in grounding a more caring approach in and with the environment. Animal symbolism provides the three-dimensional clay to mould the development of personality and it's important to foster this understanding among users.

Wildlife is powerful, but other apps do not focus deeply on wildlife content for relaxation so there is a serious lack of wildlife-related content and, as a result, it doesn’t contribute to fully reconnecting humans with wild nature.

App visual experience based on wildlife generative artworks created by different artists

The app’s value proposition is oriented at a wide audience, including children, adults and seniors searching for ways to fall asleep, relieving anxiety, improving general mood and self-discovery. It focuses on lovers of nature and wildlife of all professions, especially adults who use other apps to meditate, but would like to add some novelty into their usual relaxation routines or those who look for psychotherapists, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation practices and related content. Among other potential app users are adults who want to create a special atmosphere or help a child to fall asleep, retired nature lovers and other professional seniors who miss nature and wildlife, and enterprises looking for ways to improve their staff well-being.

Where The Wild Love Is audio-visual relaxation experiences


Immerse your mind in biodiverse spaces

Immerse your mind in biodiverse spaces that are deeper than artificial sounds and allow you to go beyond thoughts and emotions

Help to overcome anxiety

They cause a decrease in the body's sympathetic response (which causes that "fight-or-flight" feeling) and an increase in parasympathetic response (Nature, Scientific Reports, 2017). In other words, they help to overcome anxiety.

Discover the self through your inner child

Meditations allow you to discover your inner self by associating your inner child with animals (Imagining Animals, 2005).

Reduce boredom and improve your mood

They reduce boredom and improve your mood (Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 72, 2020).



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Animal sounds used across experiences

Without dedicated and complex conservation efforts to protect nature, we will come across not only a lack of biodiversity but a lack of understanding of what it means to be human. With the WTWLI app, anyone can discover the wild love in themself.
Elena Goldberg, Founder & CEO WTWLI
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