case study

Distributed ledger technology
for enterprises

Industrial Area
Applied research
Solutions, product and services development
Global Challenges
Managed access to and use of big data
Delivered in 2019

Interoperable platform

The Magnetic Core team developed its own technology and foundation for client products and services. It was developed as a solution that gives users convenient access to data and preserves the unique capabilities that blockchain provides.

The technology is the result of extensive research in cryptography, distributed computing, and blockchain over the last few years. The platform supports various consensus algorithms, cryptography schemes, and role models because of the modular architecture, which allows for the quick launch of private side chains with the required properties.

The enterprise ledger has the capability to establish integrations between traditional methods of data storage and blockchain as an additional system in combination with other instruments for different industries and solution areas. The platform makes available tools suitable for the specifics of various industries: finite state machines for the supply chain, data certification and options to plug in finance solutions, and more.


Eliminate confusion over blockchain, empower companies to build a consortium or ecosystem, create solutions that streamline businesses


Hybrid platform

A hybrid platform that will establish the DLT infrastructure (public, private or its combinations) made of interoperable modules that can be adjusted for particular requirements when building supply chain applications, including permission rules, data privacy compliance and interoperability with existing applications.


Shared access and secure work with data
Optimisation of supply chains
Tracking of all types of assets and their origin
Efficient transactions
The platform architecture is the result of significant research into companies and government agencies’ requirements, analysis of solutions already created and the difficulties encountered during many projects’ transition from prototypes and concepts to workable products. In 2019, the Magnetic Core team created more than 30 analytical papers regarding technology use cases for clients. Platform features and key advantages are under NDA. If you want to learn more, please contact the team.



Analytical reports for partners and clients to uncover the benefits of DLT application and different use cases


Proof of Concepts to validate clients and partners hypothesis related to potential impact of blockchain integration

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Proving the value
of beverage
provenance and
traceability using

Proving the value
of beverage
provenance and
traceability using

Discovery for a beverage producer
A traceability prototype that ensures that the entire journey of the beverage
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