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Blockchain meets self-sovereign digital identity (SSI)

Truvity Ledger seeks to tap into SSI’s full potential by popularising the term globally, accelerating adoption through the critical mass of public and private sectors, as well as contributing to its practical implementation, eventually improving the ways human trust relationships are conveyed over a digital network – in other words, by strengthening “the trust triangle”.

As of today, Magnetic Core has delivered to Truvity Ledger a venture design for a new technological company and DLT product, and successfully combined it with Truvity’s general activities. Additionally, the Magnetic Core team researched architectural solutions for the platform, developed a visual style, and UX for website, as well as providing tools for governance.


How to design a business around the DLT platform for identity management and how to ensure decentralisation from an engineering perspective.


A specialised blockchain infrastructure for SSI providers, enterprises and public sector bodies, including various types of consortias.

Driven by a commitment to making a difference, Truvity Ledger has embarked on a mission to evangelise self-sovereign identity to the tech industry and general public globally.


Modular structure

Blockchain secure time-stamping and logging will ensure that data is tamper-free, transparent, stamped and securely logged in blockchain. This allows for forensics, security audits and proof of GDPR compliance.


In order to provide future extensibility and flexibility, Truvity Ledger admits virtually arbitrary sets of smart contracts. The smart contract bytecode is executed on validator nodes inside a virtual machine fully compliant with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) specifications.


Truvity Ledger only uses up-to-date and standard cryptography (signatures and zero-knowledge proofs based on the standard elliptic curves, strong hash functions, and standard AES for symmetric encryption by default). Truvity Ledger chooses reliability over hype.


Truvity Ledger adds a layer for incorporating arbitrarily-complex logic on top of the infrastructure. This paves the way for interaction between private ledgers. It also provides virtually-unlimited extensibility of the platform without the need for full architecture redesign.

Multistakeholder Approach

Truvity Ledger employs a multi-stakeholder approach and tries to push decentralisation as far as possible with present-day knowledge

Distributed ledger technology is mature enough to provide a stable, trusted and transparent medium for relationship management. Immutability prevents malicious actions and decentralisation removes the need for a single common trusted third party. Truvity Ledger stands on a solid ground of well-tested, mature and stable technological techniques, trying to make the best of the most suitable ones.
The decentralised nature of SSI-based digital identity offers opportunities for cross-organisational management of identity information. Truvity Ledger remains industry agnostic and works across different sectors such as finance services, immigration, healthcare and more. The ultimate goal for SSI adoption is to enable and facilitate the transparency and continuity of the network through effective cooperation.

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Distributed ledger
infrastructure for
applications and networks

Distributed ledger
infrastructure for
applications and networks

Applied research for Truvity Ledger
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