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Wild Around. Impact
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Venture Design
Global Challenges
Take urgent action
to combat climate change
and its impacts
Combating biodiversity loss
Delivered in 2022
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Impacting the world through the wild around us

Wild Around facilitates wildlife protection through ‘impact investments’. Wild Around invests in a variety of projects, including new technologies dedicated to wildlife and nature conservation, special events and exhibitions dedicated to wildlife, wildlife filmmaking, ethical tourism, and other promotional activities related to learning conservation.

Magnetic Core helped Wild Around to create a brand and business model, as well as formalise their strategy.

Shamanic elements in visual style


Design a private equity vehicle dedicated to conservation efforts

A confluence of human expansion, vanishing natural habitat, and climate change has driven people and wildlife into closer proximity. The global illegal wildlife trade, which finances the killing and consumption of hundreds of thousands of animals each year, has long been seen as a potential accelerator for the spread of infectious diseases to people.

In the face of these challenges, mutual collaboration, shared knowledge, creativity, new approaches, proactivity and attention to problems are the most important things to help tackle issues.


Protection through ‘impact investments’

Impact investments provide capital to address social and/or environmental issues, with the aim of generating positive, measurable impact, as well as financial returns. This includes the support of innovative business ideas that deliver positive benefits for both people and nature.

Through its impact investments, Wild Around manifests the idea of wildlife and humankind reconnection using conservation technologies and the reintroduction of species, as well as by ending the illegal wildlife trade, reduсing consumer demand for unsustainable products, providing education about the importance of conservation and encouragement to choose ethical ways of travelling and watching wildlife.


Impact investments

In principle, Wild Around creates their own technological projects or initiates projects together with partners for further fundraising and contribution to conservation efforts.

Initiation of technological and creative projects dedicated to wildlife and nature conservation

Current portfolio projects include WTWLI and other ongoing initiatives under NDA.

Special events, conferences, festivals and exhibitions dedicated to wildlife conservation support

Wild Around focus activities on conservation learning. In 2022, it supported the WIldlife Film Festival in Rotterdam, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York and AnimalHuman conference in Amsterdam.

By sharing knowledge and micro-educating people about conservation efforts, we can stop the exploitation of natural resources while also creating additional sustainable jobs along the way.
Elena Goldberg, Wild Around Founder

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